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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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washington on a three-state campaign swing, calling this his blueprint for america. in effect, what this is is the kickoff for the president's re- election campaign and a signal to republicans that they're going have to start sharing the spotlight. the president left the white house this morning and headed to cedar rapids, iowa where he toured a manufacturing plant as he neared the capital last night. the president laid out his case for tax reform and aimed at increasing taxes on the nation's most wealthy. for their part, the republican candidates took a break from attacking each other and focused instead on attacking the president. >> our economy is getting stronger. we have a lot of work to, do but it's getting stronger. we have come way too far to turn back now. >> if he meant what he said, it would be a disaster of the first order. he had a very clever political promise that we ought to make sure that everyone who earns a million pays at least 30%
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taxes. >> what he didn't say last night is that we're spending and borrowing too much and that america is on a collision course with debt. if we don't get off of this course, we could sink the american economy. >> reporter: and this trip is not nearly over yet for the president. from cedar rapids, iowa, he's taking air force one to arizona. he'll be in las vegas tonight and later in the week, he'll number colorado and michigan. >> tom fitzgerald playing, parents talking about the president's proposal to require all students across the country to stay in school until they graduate or reach their 18th birthday. >> we also know when students don't walk away from the education, more of them walk the stage to get their diploma. when students are not allowed to drop out, they do better. >> virginia and d.c. are already following the rule. students are required to stay in school until their 18th birthday.
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students in maryland can drop out after the age of 16. arlington national semtear was again under the microscope for thousands of mismarked graves at a hearing held today to assess the past 18 months. it focused on contract oversight. the result in progress made. the executive director of the army's national cemetery's program said the army updated contract management requirements and is focused on new goals and projects. >> the creation of the single complete -- will soon allow families and other stakeholders with internet access to search for and produce a picture of any marker on a cemetery. >> while the report card is good, more work remains. over 64,000 grave sites need additional review. and another shocking discovery while everyone is focused on how much the gop presidential nominees paying taxes, some of you may not realize how little some federal government workers pay. the irs released figures that show a whole lot don't bother to pay any taxes. karen gray houston has more
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now. >> reporter: it boggles the mind. i pay my taxes, you pay your taxes, but at the end of 2010, nearly 100,000 federal workers did not and they ied more than $1 billion -- they owed more than $1 billion. we're talking about all kinds of federal workers from congressional staffers to people working in the white house. some legislation aimed at firing federal workers who are severely delinquent doesn't seem to be going any. some of the worst offenders, 467 employees in the house owed $8.5 million, 217 senate workers owed 2 million. more than 25,000 postal workers owed 270 million. over 12,000 average employees over 105 million, and 11,000 plus veteran affairs workers owe $151 million. >> no executive agency or independent agency is spared.
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it even extends to the court system. there are four people at the u.s. tax court on the irs list as owing taxes. you expect in the federal workforce where people are in a position of fiduciariy responsibility to -- fiduciary responsibility, a they would be held to a higher standard of behavior. >> reporter: the irs has plenty of info aimed at educating scoff laws as to how to get on a payment plan if they think they can't afford to pay their taxes. the bad news doesn't get better with time. if you owe mean, it's better to contact the irs than pay boat loads of interest and penalties later. the u.s. army is cutting combat brigades to save mean. overall, the army will employ 80,000 fewer soldiers. some may get transferred to different bases across the country. congress ordered the defense department to come up with $487
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billion in savings the next 10 years. arizona congresswoman gabby giffords formally stepped down this morning, a year after the tucson shooting left her with severe brain injuries. debbie wasserman schultz, a friend of hers, read a let or her behalf. giffords were in her third term in congress. and pricelet art lost and found. -- priceless art lost and found. metro workers get in trouble for a problem on the redline that could have put riders in danger. another beautiful day here, the temperatures are above average. get ready for a little bit of rain. it's back in the forecast. i will let you know when to expect it. and dave feldman, a big night and well-deserved honor for gary williams. absolutely, sow. it will take place at 8:45 prior to tonight's game with
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duke and maryland. the coach will be honored, the tribute to gary what, he's saying about it before it happens. next.  ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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. >> the president didn't mention it, but before the state of the union address last night, the u.s. military pulled off a risky rescue that may have saved the life of an aid worker with ties to virginia. it's not the first major accomplishment by this brave team either. beth parker in the newsroom now. beth? >> reporter: before the president began his speech last night, he said something interesting. he paid a compliment to the defense secretary leon pinetta. >> good job tonight. >> reporter: good job tonight. we now know the words were a reference to a daring rescue mission. it had just been carried out by an elite team of navy seals. they rescued two hostages, an american woman and danish man. the two were being held hostage
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by somali pirates. jessica buchanan is an aid worker in somalia and has ties to bedford, virginia. after the state of the union with the first lady by his side, the president called buchanan's father to let him know his daughter is okay and on her way home. the pentagon said that buchanan's health was deteriorating and that is one of the reasons the u.s. moved in when it did. this is seal team six, the same team that killed osama bin laden. the pentagon said in this case, they hoped to capture and detain the kidnappers. instead, all 9 were killed. the pentagon has not said why, but a spokesman said that they were heavily armed at the time and no members of the seal team were hurt. brian? >> good to hear. beth parker tonight. the bureau of immigrations and customs enforcement giving back priceless stolen art to france. thirty years ago, a man -- and a renoir painting from a museum in southeast brands. they found it at an auction in
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2003. the krieger museum in northwest handed over to france. ice's director said the agency has a lot of ugly crimes to pursue. >> we're not addressing after a given piece of art, we're protecting the cultural heritage of other countries and their citizens just as we would expect them to do the same for us. if we ignore those crimes, we debase our past. >> the last year, i.c.e. returned three pieces of priceless art to the french dating back to world war i. metro said three employees were suspended without pay after an extra long train rode throughout redline on the watch o. december 2nd, a 10-car train was clear to leave the rail yard to shady grove error error and metro said no passengers were in the two rear cars and no injuries runed. fox 5 is monitoring metro and snap a picture and send a
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video. a new study shows how the new d.c. street car system will help residents and business owners. the district's office of planning claims the street cars will improve transit access for 100,000 residents near the rail lines who don't have access to a car and they're expected to double the number of schools that are located within a mile and pop $300 million into retail spending. the first line is expected to open this fall. a dramatic rescue in maryland. ahead on the news edge, how far local rescue crew his to go to save a man trapped in a cave. plus, the show for stargazers. the solar flares are causing headaches for airlines trying to protect themselves. and first, the day they were dreaming of. the excel institute in northeast inspects the engine and the luxury interior of the 12-cylinder aventidar. something like. that no test driving. ng.  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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>> a dramatic rescue in western maryland. a man recovering after getting pinned between rocks 250 feet inside a cave in washington county. he was exploring the cave with a group when he got stuck. they sent us the pictures. the victim was air lifted to the hospital and is expected to recover. considered the super bowl of star power for star watchers. the biggest solar storm in six years is colliding with the earth's magnetic field. it looks nice but is causing airlines and astronauts to scramble to protect themselves. he's more. >> reporter: it's a dazzling northern lights display in the skies over norway. from our closest star 93
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million miles away, a stola -- solar storm is now playing in the world theatre. >> sinks into the sun as it cools and as it gets hot, it goes up and you have the turning inside the sun. >> reporter: radiation spews out of the sun and travels through space as the solar wind blows the radiation our way, the earth's magnetic field deflects most of it. >> it protects us and what that creates is the aurora borealis and a big chunk of earth causes it to pull the lights south. >> the radiation is pushed through space. a lot of people are worried about that and what is going to happen, it's going to bend the magnetic field that can cause long-range issues. >> reporter: cell phone service may hiccup. the energy is so powerful, it can interfere with radio frequency used by airlines navigating flights between north america, europe, and asia
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and this is one of the biggest solar storms since 2003 and 2005. so big, delta airline his to reroute some of the transpolar plates between the u.s. and asia to a void the impact. astronauts aboard the international space station may have to shield themselves to avoid a high dose of radiation. here on earth, we're safe. >> it's been happening since the sun and earth have been here. it's still here. >> reporter: the space between his fingers represents the size of earth. compare that to the size of one of the flares next to it. >> oh, yeah. huge and this is great. like the highlight of my day, all right. knowing this is happening. severe weather creating problems in texas and this is that scene in dallas. there are reports that three
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tornados, so far no injuries reported. crazy weather and he said it was 87 degrees? >> and 87 degrees in texas, two records, break a -- breaks a record and there is a lot of heat and they creating crazy rain and austin, texas, daily record and they have flooding. >> right. >> and extreme weather across texas and that is in to our direction. it's dry and we'll stay dry for the most part in the evening hours and there could be a light and spotty shower through the overnight at the early, sort of the, what do we want to call it, the ren gate showers out of the texas system and trying to streak to our area and let's take a moment and look at the high temperatures and that really was a beautiful day. helping to get the temperatures up to 50 degrees. and not a record here but very
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mild for this january trend. still 47 degrees in the district, down to 37 in frederick; 43, martinsburg and it's not going to be a cold night. we're not worried about temperatures freezing through the overnight hours and to our south and west, warmer air is on the way and we are expecting showers and could be light stuff. the bulk of the rain, we think s coming tomorrow evening and into some overnight hours. thursday afternoon into friday morning and this is that setup. some of the moisture we were talking about in texas, which i will show you in a moment. that is moving in our direction and with some warmer air. we're thinking we could get a half an inch or so of rain out of this. the bulk again tomorrow night and on to satellite and radar, clouds are increasing and that is some early moisture and not anything frozen for us, but
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light and spotty showers may come through later tonight and you're on the lookout in louisiana for the potential for some tornadic thunderstorms. the and there is some huge rains coming down and this is that upper level energy. strong and unusual to have this many thunderstorms and reports of tornados in january. what a la nina winter we're having. tomorrow morning, it's mostly dry and a few of us could have some showers moving through the region. and as we get closer to 6:00, more coverage and that is till to the west and that is coming through overnight and with a bang around here on friday morning. could there be thunderstorms imbedded in this line as it comes through? that is what our future cast is suggesting. we'll have to watch that and there is that switch to colder air behind it and looks impressive here and that is not
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making it farther than the mountains, the higher elevations may get snow showers on to friday morning. believe it or not, we may have a warm day. the snow showers on saturday also stay in the mountains and in terms of rain, it looks like the heaviest stuff is going to be through the mississippi valley and we may get a half inch out of it, maybe a half an inch to an inch and a half and we'll keep an eye out for a potential of -- potential of a thunderstorm and tonight, cloudy, a spotty shower in the overnight hours, 39 degrees during the day tomorrow. mostly cloudy. a couple of showers here and there and that is mainly later in the day when we will see the rain. above normal tomorrow and, yes, a new and improved friday forecast and that is going to rain friday morning, maybe a thunderstorm and we clear out in the afternoon for a high temperature of 57 and that is looking like saturday is staying dry, a few clouds around it, 54, cold or sunday
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and blustery as the winds pick up. monday's temperature about 42 degrees. >> all right, thank you, sue. >> sure. and tonight, a fresh start for the wizards. we'll hear from the new head coach as he makes his debut against charlotte. and first, the snow mobiler's brush with death caught on tape. a man was buried in washington state this weekend by an avalanche. they rushed over to dig him out before he suffocated and all captured on helmet cam. the victim said he hopes the next time people ride the trail, they're more careful than he was. e was.
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>> greetings, everybody. i'm dave feldman live at comcast center. later tonight, maryland will host the 8th-ranked duke blue devils, part of the show. a bigger story is that prior to
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the game, gary williams for 22 years, the head coach here, will be honored by having the court renamed gary williams court. and that is a fitting tribute to the guy. 22 years in college park and that is a remarkable run. he won it all in 2002. last night, i asked gary if getting the court named after him would be a special honor. >> it is. a lot of guys want to walk -- [ laughing ] >> jump on it? >> oh, yeah. >> and that is quite an honor. >> it is and i started as a jv high school coach. when i left maryland to do that, i never ever thought that i would evcoach at maryland or video a court named after me. a three-point buzzer-beater loss to florida state. the loss snapped the 45-game
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home winning streak and duke hasn't lost back-to-back games since 2009 and the head coach opinions the importance. >> a rivalry is a rivalry. more important to the people involveed and i have been in a lot of different rivalries. for me, this is the most important rivalry and that means the most to our fans. so, i understand that. and the wizards will host the charlotte bobcats. the beginning of the randy whitman era. flip saunders fired after the wizards started with a 2-15 record. we'll see if the new head coach will turn things around. whitman's been in the situation before and took over the timberwolvess in 2007. yesterday, whitman said a good man walked out of the door when flip saunders left and he would have followed the boss if he didn't think the situation
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could get any better. today, his first full day of head coach, he offered this. >> i don't like being here today i'm not happy about this. i am here because i believe the guys are better than what they are. i really do believe that they are. >> i have to get them to believe that. >> and he's going to demand a lot of us as a coach. we all have to have each other's back, and you know, it was good to hear. >> baseball news. the nationals introduced gonzalez to the local media at the park this afternoon. the news conference came over a month after they acquireed the left-hander from the athletics in exchange for pitching prospects brad peacock, tommy malone and ajcole and derek noris. gonzalez joins a rotation inn cluing strasburg, zimmerman, lang and ross.
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the ravens defensive coordinator is the colts head football coach. the nfl commissioner roger gudel received a five-year extension. he will run the league through 2018 and back here tonight, alex wynn injured saturday will play tonight against the 8th- ranked blue devils. tipoff is at 9, at 8:45, they will rename gary williams renaming the floor gary williams' court. i'm dave feldman. should be an emotional night for the ex-coach tonight. >> i am sure it will be. enjoy the game tonight. we're back at 10. the news edge at 11. as always, hope you will be, too. see you. 
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